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Please click on the cover image below to order Tobias' book Theologically Amazed: A Gallery of Hand Drawn Mazes.

Theologically Amazed is Tobias Houston's first book, and is the result of many hours spent refining his maze drawing skills. Tobias has been drawing mazes since he was a child, and Theologically Amazed is his attempt at using this gift to further another of his passions, cross-cultural mission. Theologically Amazed is divided into two sections, one of easier mazes aimed at children, and the other of more difficult mazes to give even the most astute mind a challenge. Most of the mazes in Theologically Amazed have a Biblical and theological theme, reflecting the author's commitment to Jesus, and to serving as a missionary in Mozambique. Each and every maze is drawn by hand and solvable!

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Theologically Amazed

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